These are challenges that get you ready for the games! They help you connect with your teams, while introducing a physical component to Schulympics!

By completing each of the players can earn 10 points for their team individually. That means if everyone on your team did every challenge, that would be an extra 50 Challenge points for your team!

Submissions are accepted from Monday, February 1st at 6a.m. EST to Friday, February 5th at 11:59p.m. EST.  But you can definitely get started on them before that.  Be sure to upload your challenges under your team name! Don’t want to give out free points to other teams!


Team Picture Challenge (1 point)

picture of schulympics organizing team

Take a zoom picture with your team.  Come up with your code name and your spy skills!  

Spy Kit Challenge (1 point)

Find 3 items that could be used for missions!  What’s your must-have for camouflage or code-breaking?  Use your imagination and share your ideas.


Jumping Jacks (1 point)

Jump Squats (1 point)

Plank (2 points)

Push-Up (2 points)

Yoga Poses (2 points)

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