Code Name: Alpha G
Special Spy Skill: Ability to clock the designer, season, and year of an outfit from a mile away

Code Name: Bubbles
Special Spy Skill: Cookies ūüć™ (both the virtual and sugar filled kind)

Code Name: Moonlight
Special Spy Skill: Endurance & Camouflage

Code Name: Spaghetti
Special Spy Skill: Eating and never getting full

Code Name: Fire
Special Spy Skill: Patting Cats, Master of Curiosity


Code Name: Cookie Cutter 
Special Spy Skill: Boundless enthusiasm & killer questions

Code Name: Risky Business
Special Spy Skill: Napping


Code Name: Shadow 
Special Spy Skill: Balance

Code Name: Archer
Special Spy Skill: Intelligence Analyst (I do my spying behind the desk not in the field)

Code Name: Agent G Force  
Special Spy Skill: Excellent at surveilling while observing, recognizing, and avoiding surveillance. 

Code Name: Titan
Special Spy Skill: Caffeine Consumption


Code Name: Bubblegum
Special Spy Skill: Disguises

Code Name: Spaghetti
Special Spy Skill: Eating and never getting full

Code Name: Nancy Wake 
Special Spy Skill: Poker Face 

Code Name: The Chameleon
Special Spy Skill: Can adapt to any situation by blending in and turning threats into opportunities.

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